If you're heading from Badacsony towards Káptalantóti, you will see a red bicycle on the right side of the road at one of the junctions. The acclaimed Istvándy Winery can be found here on Hegymög dűlő on the side of Tóti Hill. It feels like being teleported into an episode of Little House on the Prairie: the road to the cellar meanders through a landscape dotted with gray cattle and playful dogs. The terrace offers a stunning view of Lake Balaton; it's the perfect spot to enjoy Istvándy wines, delicious mangalica sausage, or just a glass of grape juice .

Your options include wine tasting with or without live music, a tour of the vineyard with Gergely Istvándy in his oldtimer Barkas convertible, and a ride on the zip line. Istvándy Picnic Bar was launched in the summer of 2016: the new spot is all about relaxing in the comfy deck chairs with a glass of fröccs in hand. If you only want to pick up a few bottles of Istvándy vintages, you can also find them at Liliomkert Market and Istvándy Borház in Káptalantóti.