Four-star hotels can not only be multi-storey giants with fancy lighting, or avant-garde design creations. Káli Art Inn in Köveskál looks like grandma's house upgraded to four-stars, with a garden full of flowers, cats and a small jam manufacture.
Köveskál is the "Kazinczy Street" of Káli-medence which means you'll find the trendy, quality wine and gastro spots, like Káli Kövek, Pálffy pince, Kővirág Restaurant and Miakő - The House of Káli-medence's Wines, just a few metres apart.

The hotel located on the main street lives up to the expected quality, even when it comes to eating and drinking. Káli Art Inn which used to be a casino for army officers has a huge, pleasant garden with additional old and modern buildings. Káli Art Inn keeps it close to nature, because here the wellness department means outdoor swimming pools surrounded by flowers and plants.

Káli Art Inn is a spot for engaged couples fleeing from the big city rush who would want to march down the isle from a snow white room, complete with a baldachin bed and a huge bathtub, have breakfast in a rose arbor, and are mad about antique furniture saved from decay. You can rent an apartment or a bungalow if you don't want to spend all your breakfasts under a rose arbour. The bungalows are a bit crowded and anyone standing in the garden can get a good look at the bathroom anytime.