It’s rare that upon entering a local pub we are greeted by the sight of a Vespa that functions as a guitar holder. This happens at Káli-Kapocs in Mindszentkálla, which is a place that has more to offer than a regular pub. The owners are from Budapest, but this shouldn’t mislead anyone: Kapocs fits into the life of Káli Basin as if it had always been there.

It became a cult spot without delivering anything special at first glance: they have syrups, their fröccs is made with local wines and soda water, while the prices are reasonable. Probably this is why a local elderly man, a family on a bike tour in the area, and a hipster from the capital can all sit next to each other and drink in peace. The name of the place, Kapocs (which means “link” or "connection"), comes from this phenomenon.

Punnany Massif, a popular Hungarian hip-hop band has a secret gig here every summer. Also, don’t be surprised if a haphazard jam session here ends up in dancing on the streets.