The new Kisfaludy-kilátó is the tallest observation tower of Lake Balaton. It was built in 2011, and its design goes far beyond your traditional tower. Kisfaludy-kilátó would definitely be on the itinerary of the tour of Balaton's modern observation towers, together with Margit-kilátó and its elevator and Gömbkilátó - which more looks like a space station than a lookout tower.
The 18-metre high Kisfaludy-kilátó can be found on 437 metres on the Badacsony Hill. You can enjoy a great view of the Tapolcai-medence and the surrounding hills from its balcony. Inside of the tower, you'll find a very detailed panoramic photo that helps you to recognize the different hills and valleys, like Gulács or Hegyestű. The lookout tower is taller than the one that had stood here before, because there were so many trees around it, you could only see the panorama on one side.

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