While Balaton Screw Steamer is a piece of past on the shore, the refurbished Kisfaludy takes visitors back in time on the water. You can visit this museum that cruises on Lake Balaton multiple times a day from spring to autumn.

The Kisfaludy Steamboat first sailed out on 21 September 1846: this date was the start of sailing on a lake that had no docks yet. The idea came from István Széchenyi, the politician who was often called “the Greatest Hungarian". The steam powered dream vehicle travelled the waves at full speed until 1887, when it was retired.

If it could speak, it would have spoken about prisoners of war, aristocrats and salt, as these three made up the bulk of its cargo. That was not the end of the story of this pioneer boat: after a long inactive period it was revived and restored to its former glory in 2015.