Those who are only familiar with the part of Balatonlelle that is right on the shore should follow the yellow signs of the Dél-Balatoni Borút (South Balaton Wine Route), and venture to the other side of Highway M7. Kishegy, "the Badacsony of the south shore" rises here, meaning that within this small area you can find many great wineries and two popular restaurants. 

The Garamvári Vineyard right in front of the hill, then Pócz Winery and the Konyári Wine Cellar and the Konyári Guest House. Definitely drop in to Hegyi Csárda to taste skewered treats, and climb up to the hilltop to enjoy a view of the opposite shore from the baroque Szent Donát Chapel. Visitors to the nearby Majtényi Press House are served the same panorama, along with home style dishes.