The about 250 metres long Kőszikla-szurdok is a chine between Nagybakónak and Újudvar, about an hour’s drive from Keszthely. The slippery trail leads along the side of the chine so make sure to wear hiking shoes. Ladders will take you up from the deep, gaping, vertical gully. 

This is a special part of Zalai-dombság: the land was formed eight million years ago from the sediments of the former Pannon Lake and the rivers that flowed into it. As a result of the bountiful rainfall of Zala County and the Mediterranean climate’s effect, the area has special and rare plants, like cyclamens and primroses.  

The chine is part of a longer, about 6-kilometre long, moderately difficult hike trail that leads to Csibiti-völgy and then to Csibiti Lake. The rest area around the lake is perfect for relaxation: you can gather your strength for the hike back. The trail ends at the Eszperantó Springs, a beautiful clearing.  

It’s best to stay away after rain and when there’s snow or ice, as the chine’s soil becomes very slippery and it can be highly dangerous to hike there.