You don't have to take a trip all the way to Budapest in order to find an appropriate wine bar for a night out with your friends. Kredenc was opened by András Dobai (a former MC of the renowned electro band Brains) in the historic centre of Balatonfüred.

It has become a popular spot among locals, so if you're planning to drop by on the weekend, you'd better consider booking a table. Considering the owner's past it's not surprising that guests can enjoy their sandwiches, dips and Balaton wines with jazz as background music in the weekends.

Those who don’t want to leave one of the most atmospheric streets of Balatonfüred and want to enjoy the hospitality of András Dobai for a long time can stay in one of the small rooms of Kredenc Inn – these were named after the host’s favorite music styles, including bossa nova, jazz, and swing. The furnishing is tasteful, and since it’s halfway between a hostel and an inn, it’s also simple: you will only find the most necessary things here – a bed, a table, a shower, and a nice picture on the wall.

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