The story of Kripta Villa in Fonyód is as bizarre as its name (meaning: Crypt Villa). Ödön Abrudbányai-Rédinger loved his fiancée, Magdus, who died before their marriage could have taken place, so much that he built a memorial villa in remembrance of the girl in 1941. By that time, Ödön was already a family man.

In the Mediterranean building the wedding bed and the figures of Magdus and Ödön lying on it are carved from marble. The ashes of Magdus were supposed to be taken to the villa, but then came World War II.

The statue of Csilla Molnár, a Fonyód-born beauty queen, who tragically died in the ‘80s, was also placed here in 2017.

Tip: Villa Kávézó opened in the building at the time of the statue’s reveal. If you want to see what the building looked like before the refurbishment, click here.

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