Levendula Ház is located only a few minutes away from the city center, in Major utca parallel to Tihany's main street right on the shore of Lake Belső. This place has a lot to teach kids about the biology and geography of the Balaton Uplands. Plus, this museum is interactive and straight to the point, so you won't bore your children with the eating and mating habits of different birds. While the kids are exploring forests, volcanoes, and marshes, mom can buy lavender cosmetics and dad can enjoy a refreshing glass of lavender cordial

In 2003, the European Union awarded the European Diploma of Protected Areas to Tihanyi-félsziget and thus Levendula Ház was created. It means Tihany is on the same page with the Maritime Alps or the Peak District National Park in the UK - the scene of many British movies.

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