One of Tapolca’s main attractions is a short walk away from central Fő tér. The Mill Pond’s water supply comes from Tapolca-patak, which was already dammed up by the Romans for the purpose of driving a mill. Right next to the pond, which is also called Nagy- or Felső-tó, you can find the so-called Kis- or Alsó-tó, created to operate a second mill.

The mill and other old buildings, as well as restaurants, bars, hotels and giant trees towering above the water make the surrounding area cozy. The Mill Pond is also the main venue for the annual Tapolca Trout and Wine Festival.

Tip: The pond is directly connected with Tapolca Cave Lake, and since the temperature of the water is roughly constant at 18°C, the pond never freezes over, but the steaming surface produces a beautiful sight in the colder months.

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