Opened in Aszófő, the Nagyi Kertje Tea House (meaning Grandma’s Garden in Hungarian) is twice as big as the previous venue was. Those who are still mourning Teahouse Deep in the Woods should dry their tears because nothing except the location has changed.

The 100 different kinds of tea are still be available, the basic teas are still infused with lavender, and they even serve lavender coffee. Some of the special teas are served with home-baked walnut-chocolate or lavender-chocolate biscuits. While we’re on the subject of biscuits: the old favourites, such as the chestnut-mascarpone pie, the chocolate cake with banana and the flour-free cottage cheese cake, are still on the menu.

Other treats include langalló with bacon and sour cream, cold goose liver on toast and other hearty dishes, prepared with weary biker guests in mind.