Despite its modest exterior, the Ascension of Our Lord parish church of Sümeg houses a world-famous set of frescoes from the Baroque-era. According to urban legend, the church was named the “Hungarian’s Sistine Chapel” by the Austrians.

The name isn’t an exaggeration – covering the entire wall, the frescoes of Franz Anton Maulbertsch tell the events that went down between the visit of the Wise Men and the first Pentecost. The patron bishop of the town, Márton Padányi Bíró assigned one of the best known Baroque painters around 1758, and Maulbertsch finished most of the paintings in that same year.

The painting behind the main altar is probably the most interesting one: one of the apostles “bows out” of the painting to have a better view on Christ’s ascension to heaven. The only thing ruining the sacredness a bit is the cheap vibe of the coin-operated fresco lighting.