The Csopak hillside is truly a place where cool people make wine, and István Petrányi, the head of one of Hungary’s Ford dealerships is one of them, with his 3.5 hectares of vineyard that he oversees since 2001.

The panorama of the Petrányis’ covered terrace is just as gorgeous as the one that the duo of Szent Donát Manor and Márga Bistro are treated to just a few hundred meters from here. Another similarity is that, from among the bottles lined up in the cellar, the famous Csopak Welschriesling is the most popular wine here, too. A view like theirs demands a good wine terrace, and fortunately the owners also thought so. They serve comfort food since 2015, and they quickly became parts of the mini gastro-revolution that aims to use mostly locally sourced ingredients for the meals that remind people of a visit to their grandmothers.

The restaurant area is homely small, just like the short menu and the service: chances are high that during dinner, you can ask questions from the hosts themselves. Piroska Petrányi will surely be happy to tell the story of their homemade dessert, while with István Petrányi – and a glass of Welschriesling – you can discuss the market of electric cars.

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