Salesianum, the tourist centre of the Archdiocese of Veszprém, is located in the central Castle District, in the Baroque style Biró-Giczey House.
The splendidly renovated building houses a café, a herb garden, a screening room, an activity area for kids, an open-view violin making workshop and a liturgy exhibition.
In the cellar you’ll find host baking and candle making workshops and a wine cellar. 30-40-minute candle making sessions are regularly held for families.
On the ground floor there is an exhibition showcasing the story of Dr. Miklós Szalai, the “Herb Priest” of Halimba, while the top floor exhibition is about the namesakes of the house and the everyday use of liturgical objects. You can also visit the Halimbárium Herb Garden. Admire the special features of Baroque interior design in the fresco-clad halls.