Siófok Main Beach lies parallel with the famous Petőfi Promenade. When summer sets in, crowds of young people flock here to enjoy the trio of bathing, basking in the sun and paddle boating during the day, and partying at night. This beach and the surrounding area are popular destinations among those popping down for the day from Budapest to Balaton, as this is an all-in-one spot: beach, beach volleyball field, delicious snacks, a lively crowd both day and night.

Formerly known as Beach Club, now called PLÁZS, this hangout right at the beach has deck chairs, a terrace, pool, and a street workout course. You can join in group classes, try paddleboarding, also known as SUP, or practice passive sports in front of a huge screen during various matches. They also have concerts here during the evenings that you can enjoy from the pier with a glass of craft beer in hand. The eastern part of the beach with its sandy beachfront, playground, and shady sand pits is the most ideal for families with small kids.

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