Skizo was founded by two young wine makers, Balázs Sike and Sándor Mező. Two persons, two entities, it is already a bit "schizo". Their name refers to schizophrenia, because they make Skizo wines as a part time job on weekends and in their free time. Their full time job is about wines, too: they procure grapes for wineries.
They had the idea to start something unique in a unique environment for quite a time, but they needed courage and determination to take the leap. Here we are a bit later; they are telling their stories in Skizo Borház with a smile on their faces (in their free-time).
Their aim is to make new, fresh, exciting wines in steel tanks. They can be found in a small yard in Badacsonytördemic; you can buy good quality from them for a fair price, and their cool design is worth a look as well.