To reach the guesthouse of the Skrabski family, you’ll have to climb a sizeable hill in Balatonudvari first, but what you’ll get in return is sublime tranquility at a spot that’s far away from the crowds of the beach. A truly idyllic destination on the Balaton Uplands with three rooms, a five-star view, birdsong_loop.mp3, and a totally renovated cottage with beautiful, white walls and grandma’s revamped kitchen cabinet. It’s so tranquil here that we almost expect the harmony to be broken by some slasher horror story. Once you’ve made it all the way up here, you can’t leave without trying some of the wines produced at neighboring Skrabski Winery. The hosts welcome every group staying at the guesthouse with a complementary bottle of fine vintage.

Tip: If you want somewhere to stay during festival season, this is probably not the place for you. For a busier holiday, try visiting Balatonfüred or Tihany, or drop by Fövenyes Beach to grab a bite at Kalóz.

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