If there is indeed such a thing as Viennese sentiment then Hungarians can surely identify their own Badacsony sentiment by looking at the Szegedy House: art historians would point out the peasant Baroque character, lovers may admire the poetic romanticism, while sommeliers would mention the Badacsony wines from the Ürmös Borozó, but that would by no means describe in full the region’s atmosphere.

Yet the Szegedy Róza House is no tawdry castle, it is a simple press house built in 1795 that is home to the museum dedicated to the memory of poet Sándor Kisfaludy and his wife Róza Szegedy, who is immortalised in many of Kisfaludy’s poems.  

Tip: Badacsony’s famous Rózsakő is located nearby: the table-like basalt block was named after the poet’s wife and is a memorial of the inseparable couple’s love.