You can reach the ruin of Szent Balázs church, the symbol of Nivegy Valley, by following the green trail from the direction of Szentantalfa, or through Szentjakabfa from the direction of Óbudavár. The ruins are on the edge of Balatoncsicsó, and when the weather is clear, the view is quite spectacular: you can see as far as Badacsony and Hegyestű.

The community that lived here and the church that was built in the 13th century were destroyed during the Turkish times. Baron Jörg Adolf Lanz von Liebenfels, who resurrected the medieval Knights Templar order in the 20th century, lived here for a few years – many people say he was a con artist. He did some modifications to the church, but these were fortunately cleared away and the ruins were partially restored in 2001.

Tip: You can find the Árokkő church ruins in Balatoncsicsó, but the nearby Gergely Winery is also worth a stop.

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