The 415 meters high Szent György-hegy (Szent György Hill) is a truly unspoilt, tranquil, and wild spot of the Balaton Uplands, where it definitely pays off to take a long tour to discover everything: the 30-40 meters tall basalt organs, the icy cave of a dragon, the rare fern that only grows here, and the chapels, including the eerily deserted one, or the one that was originally a press house.

The Szent György-hegy Basalt Organs Study Trail can be completed in two hours and it’s about 4 kilometers long – starting from the former mine of Raposka, it tells the story of the area that was shaped by volcanic activities 3-4 million years ago. The hill’s tourist hut is built directly below the basalt organs, and the road to the top is made easier by numerous stairs.

After admiring the view that stretches from Keszthelyi-hegység (Keszthely Mountains) to Somló, we can have a picnic at one of the hidden nooks, or look for the lion-head fountain that is said to have an especially soft water.