Tölgyes Kúria is a wedding and event venue and also the home of an à la carte restaurant where Hungarian flavours and daring pairings are served.

A retired cavalryman commissioned the construction in 1896; later the building served as an office during the communist era, and then, after the change of regime, it was a restaurant before closing for almost two decades. The building was reborn in 2018 with new owners who wanted to have a kitchen that builds on Hungarian cuisine, serving meals that are modern and traditional at the same time. Using regional ingredients was also very important for them. Their wines are all locally sourced from the vineyard of Szent György-hegy, Badacsony, Örsi-hegy and Sabar-hegy.

Kúria became one of the few spots around Lake Balaton that can accommodate weddings and other events with hundreds of people participating.

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