Named after the flower called snowflake, Tőzike Study Trail is in its most beautiful form when the aforementioned flowers are blooming. The trail starts at the local narrow-gauge railway’s Kakpuszta stop. For a while it follows the same route as the “In search of lost plains” Study Trail, but they go in different directions after a few shared stops.

Almost six kilometres long, the trail follows Aranyos-patak, a creek that runs towards Lake Balaton, while it also touches Lencseni Lake. You’ll walk by unique forests, marshes and “blown up” lakes, but you can also spot grass snakes and pond turtles.

Tip: The study trail can be reached with the narrow-gauge train, but the train only operates two times a week. It’s best to get there from the direction of Nagybajom if you’re driving or riding a bike, but only if there wasn’t any rain during the previous couple of days.

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