Heni Jászai revived an iconic building of Badacsonyörs. The house along Road 71 used to be a guesthouse before as well. Now there are six unique rooms and an apartment inside, all dominated by rustic wooden surfaces and white, grey, beige, and cold pastel colors. Heni created simple, clear spaces and every room has its own “personality” with unusual accessories. The wardrobes were made by a carpenter from Kővágóörs while the wrought iron beds were made by a blacksmith from Somogy County.

The day starts with homemade pastries and specialty coffee here. Heni wakes up at dawn to bake sweet and salty breakfast pastries, pies, quiche and quesadilla with eggs and avocado.

It’s an ideal place for couples and families with small kids, too, there’s even a separate play area upstairs for children with a miniature kitchen. If you want to explore the neighborhood, the pastel-colored vintage bikes are available for free.

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