In 2011 Fonyód’s 231-metre Várhegy grew about 50 metres all of a sudden. There’s no mystery: the simple explanation is that a new lookout tower called Várhegyi Széplátó was constructed – it is the most modern tower in the area, arguably being the most stylish as well.

From the top of the four-story structure, you can admire the 360-degree panorama of Nagy-Berek and the western basin of Balaton, while down on the ground there is a fire ring and a playground for hikers to enjoy. The wooden tower and the road leading up to it are almost fully accessible; a wheelchair lift has been installed to give visitors with disabilities a chance to take in the view from the first floor.

Those coming by car will be pleased to know that there is a car park by the road that leads to the tower.

Tip: Click here to take a look around.

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