The crown-jewel of the cultural quarter of Balatonfüred, the Vaszary Gallery, which was beautifully restored in 2010, brings you top-notch fine art with its exhibitions. The rooms of the former holiday home were transformed into exhibition spaces that have been home to works of art by Pablo Picasso, Joan Miró, Robert Capa and Amrita Sérgil.

The Villa has it all to make it a great exhibition centre: the Vaszary Workshop is filled with kids receptive of arts in the summers, while throughout the rest of the year, it provides museum education programmes in connection with the actual exhibition. The Vaszary Bookshop offers a wide range of fine arts and related publications. Be sure to visit the Vaszary Café at the foot of the emblematic tower of the Villa; there is a magnificent view of Lake Balaton from the terrace.