Arriving at Villa Medici is like visiting Professor Brinkmann at the Black Forest Clinic. Comprising a total of 26 rooms, the most famous four-star hotel of Veszprém is not too far from the castle, and yet the fir trees make you feel like you’re on vacation in Baden Baden.

If you see a cuckoo clock on the wall and flower-adorned curtains in front of the windows, don’t get alarmed: conservative interior design can go hand in hand with high-quality services. The wellness department is absolutely professional, and the breakfast buffet is always well stocked. The homemade jams are a must-try.

Tip: Led by chef Csaba Amrein, Villa Medici has been regarded as one of the best countryside restaurants for years, and not only because of the restaurant’s specialty, the cream of porcini mushroom soup.

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