The Zalavár Historical Memorial Park can be found just outside Zalavár, on the shore of Kis-Balaton. The park is a meeting place for the old and the new: there are churches here from both the 11th and the 21st centuries, even though the former is in a bit of a sorry state. Excavation sites have been a common sight here for decades, so don’t be surprised if you spot a ditch or parts of some fortification from the era of chieftain Bulcsú.

History buffs should visit the Millennium House designed by Imre Makovecz, while those who have other inclinations can go to Kis-Balaton House or relax on the playground. The memorial building isn’t just a monument, but it’s also the location of various events and exhibits, so it’s worth a visit anytime from spring to fall. 

Tip: You can get to Zalavár on road 76 through Sármellék.