Lilla Lukács and Barna Barabás, the young owners of Zelna Winery, a place that was launched in 2014, took a huge step by opening a cool wine bar in Balatonfüred. Located by the fountain, just above the underground garage of Zákonyi utca, here you can taste all the wines and the first champagne of Zelna, or you can stop by for a cup of coffee. As a nice added touch, they also serve items from other local wineries.

The Art Deco style wine bar is open all year round, hosting acoustic concerts, wine tastings and talks, while the skating rink that will be erected on the square in front of the bar will enhance the vibe in winter. You can also order food: you can choose from various dips, meat and cheese platters, as well as the tapas of chef Csaba Kállai.

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