Jókai Lookout Tower in Balatonfüred provides a beautiful view of Lake Balaton.

Jókai Lookout Tower, named after renowned Hungarian writer Mór Jókai, is located in Balatonfüred. This three-storey wooden structure provides a great view of the town, the greenish blue waters of Lake Balaton and Tihanyi-félsziget. If you follow the Road of the Golden Man Study Trail to get here, you will walk through a lovely forest trail lined with benches and information boards. 

If you don’t want to climb up the tower, you can admire the view from the Tamás Cross at the foot of the structure. The cross is floodlit at night.

To reach it, follow the green trail from Lóczy Cave, or take the stairs from Kilátó utca in Balatonfüred.