Guerrilla sculptor Mihail Kolodko is well-known for his mini-statues placed around Budapest, many of them site-specific and depicting a certain aspect of local history or culture. Now this popular alternative artist has popped up in Veszprém, European Capital of Culture 2023, with a proud figurine. Two more are set to follow.

The works of Mihail Kolodko – a gun-toting meerkat by the statue of Columbo, a kidnapped Lisa Simpson, a likeness of songwriter/pianist Resző Seress of Gloomy Sunday fame – have long surprised passers-by in Budapest with their inventive originality.

Now the good folk of Veszprém can admire a classic Kolodko figure in this historic town just north of Lake Balaton. They also need come up with their own name for this little guard standing dutifully by Heroes’ Gate. Two more Kolodko works are also due appear around town in the near future.

History, cultural diversity and location

Balázs Török, managing director of A1-Sped International Transport and Service, said his Veszprém-based company was behind the initiative: “At our request, guerrilla sculptor Mihály Kolodko has created three mini works, the meaning and content of which are the history of Veszprém, its cultural diversity, tourism and, of course, the location where they have been placed”.

The 30-centimetre-high figure, made of bronze, can be seen by the eastern pillar of Heroes’ Gate, wearing the uniform of the Crown Guards in commemoration. The Holy Crown of Hungary was kept in Veszprém in November 1944, together with the Holy Dexter, the nation’s two most sacred artefacts now both kept in Budapest. The mini-statue is also a tribute to the guards and castle defenders, where the suspension bridge once stood. Two more little statues are due to appear soon. 

Name your Kolodko figure!

"For all three sculptures, we would people to come up with a name for each, related to the work and its content. Please send suggestions to”