Mel Gibson tries wines in Csopak and dines in Veszprém


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24/02/2022 4.26pm

Hollywood star Mel Gibson has taken time off from filming in Hungary to relax with his family in Csopak and Veszprém. The Jásdi Winery posted a photo of Gibson’s visit, during which he sampled and selected a few labels. The Fricska restaurant in Veszprém also shared an image of their staff posing with the Australian, currently shooting the prequel to the John Wick series, The Continental.

When Hollywood star Mel Gibson wants to relax, he goes to Lake Balaton. In Hungary to work on the film The Continental also starring Ian McShane, the Oscar winner took his family to the Jásdi Winery in Csopak, turning up unexpectedly to sample the goods.

Jásdi Winery

Photo: Molnár Bence - We Love Balaton

The original Mad Max also had lunch at the Fricska restaurant in Veszprém, who shared a group photo on their Facebook page. Gibson was on location at the Inota power plant near Várpalota.

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