Bor.Zene.Zala (meaning Wine.Music.Zala) is a festival started by six wineries from Zala County. It will be held at Kányavári Wine Estate in Zalaszabar between September 20 and 21. During the festival, you can not only enjoy the beautiful view of Kis-Balaton but also various concerts, wine tastings and workshop.

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  • September 20 (Friday), 2pm Wonderland Band
  • September 20 (Friday), 6pm Aurevoir.
  • September 20 (Friday), 8:30pm Palya Bea
  • September 21 (Saturday), 11am Kifli Zenekar és Tibus bohóc
  • September 21 (Saturday), 2pm
  • September 21 (Saturday), 6pm Szeder
  • September 21 (Saturday), 8:30 Balkan Fanatik

Cover photo source: the event's Facebook page.