“The most horrific place of Balaton” – this is how the residents of Szent György-hegy talk about Ify Chapel. A road leads from Lengyel Chapel, which is accessible from the direction of Hegymagas, to this haunted place in the middle of the woods.

The chapel and the three buildings (that are in a very bad shape and they could crumble any minute) in its garden were built by Lajos Ify on his family’s estate called Emmaus. Ify was a pastor from Fonyód who was forced into inner emigration in 1949. He lived in this place enjoying the beautiful view until his death in 1967.

During his hermit’s life he made harmoniums – an organ-like instrument – and clocks while he also welcomed pilgrims. His symbolic memorial can be found next to the chapel: the inscription on it is his last admonition – Ludovici memento mori, meaning “Lajos, remember the death!”