If you’d like to listen to the stories of sailors, this is the place for you. Paletta Bisztró Boglár is the local marina’s restaurant but fortunately you don’t need a yacht to get there as the building is accessible from the street as well. The cool urbanist style meets the sailing vibes of Balaton in its interior: made of natural materials, the design imitates the sails and floors of ships.

If you want to know about the area’s best ingredients, ask the owner, Dani Bezerics about them as he knows everything there is to know about the area. This comes as no surprise since he traveled all around Balaton to find the best local ingredients.  

The menu includes popular but rethought items, their famous burgers and homemade desserts. They have wines as well, including the items of their family winery and other Balatoni KÖR wines. There’re also BBQs on weekends.