For the delicious ice creams of Várkávézó, at the foot of Szigliget Castle, many are willing to take a detour. The pistachio and hazelnut flavours are good indicators of the overall quality, even for the strictest ice cream critics: ingredients for the former come from Sicily, and for the latter from Piedmont.

All of their ice creams are sorbets: they don’t contain any dairy; half of the mix is fruit, the other is pectin, water and sugar. This means that four kilograms of ice cream is made with two kilograms of fruit. The owner, Zoltán Németh loves extraordinary flavours, so he has made pumpkin seed and sea buckthorn ice creams in the past, with the most daring creation being the blue cheese one.

Their homemade desserts are also worth a try: they have almond and strawberry cake, Cremeschnitte, chocolate mousse and paleo desserts as well, although they don’t aim to become a confectionery. Only four or five kinds of cake are made each day, just to make sure that the guests can have a bite of something along with their coffee.

Tip: Sitting on their cosy terrace is an experience not to miss.

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