Winter in Balatonfüred means peaceful promenades and hearty hikes. Afterwards, even though you can’t sit over a warming soup or hot chocolate in your favourite eatery, you can still pick up a reviving drink or takeaway delicacy and gaze out over Balaton.


Strolls along Tagore

Tagore sétány is a must if you’re in Balatonfüred, a picturesque promenade along the waterfront with views of the Tihany peninsula in the distance, topped by its historic abbey. You can even catch a little welcome winter sun on one of the benches. Look out for the statues by the lake, of the Fisherman and the Ferryman, and of legendary actor and yachtsman István Bujtor.


Hot drinks at Zelna

At weekends, the Zelna Wine Bar offers Takeaway Days, soups, sandwiches, coffee, tea, hot chocolate and mulled wine to pick up and relax with at your leisure. Plus, if you’re looking for something home with you from Balaton, there are gift packages of Zelna products available. ’Füred walkers and hikers are welcome on Saturdays and Sundays from 9am to 5pm.


Divine pizza at Kredenc

For something quick and delicious on the hoof, there’s artisanal pizza at Kredenc. In many cases, the real Italian pizza dough, slowly fermented, is decorated with toppings provided by local producers, such as Tihany smoked ham or Vászoly cheese. If the weather allows, you’re close enough to the lake shore for the pizza to be still hot from the oven by the time you sit down.


Hiking in Koloska Valley

On your own, as a couple or with the kids, Koloska Valley is a perfect destination to sense the forest around you rather than promenade concrete. The valley, a short walk from Arácsi út, is best approached from the Wildlife Park, where deer and mouflon roam. Once you arrive in the valley, you can take in the Koloska spring, the ancient linden tree dedicated to writer Béla Hamvas and the basalt rocks which you can also climb. From there, the ‘Füred forest will unfold before you. If you are looking for a long hike, you can walk from here to the Tamás Hill lookout tower, and gaze at the whole town.


Delicacies at Villa Delikát

If you’re going hiking or walking and fancy something to take with you, head to Villa Delikát, a busy outlet at a major intersection in ’Füred. Here, you can ask for sliced ham and salami from Italy, as well as sliced Vászoly cheese and a small selection of stuffed olives marinated in oil and cherry peppers. You can also find special sweets and refreshments here, and even order a mulled wine.


Blue Trail along Evetes Valley

Blue Trails, which also cover the Balaton Uplands, take you through beautiful landscapes, but the smaller sections are usually less familiar to beginners or hobbyists. Such is one tucked away in Balatonfüred, accessed from near the Jewish cemetery on Régi Temető utca. From here, following the blue trail, you can take an easy 50-minute walk and slight descent all the way to the magical Evetes Valley, where the Hidegkúti-Séd flows, and from where Balatonszőlős and the homemade takeaway dishes offered at the Szőlősi Kocsma are but steps away.