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A road leading from Harvard to Csórompuszta - Hello Wood kicks off 7/21/2014

Saturday, 19 July marked the launch of the architecture camp Hello Wood in Csórompuszta with the participation of a hundred students. The spectacular wood installations created during this year’s event are aimed to represent the concept of balance translated into the language of architecture, and later will be put on display at Budapest Design Week, the Valley of Arts and Sziget Festival. This year Hello Wood adds a new partner, leading architecture portal ArchDaily.

Energy Field Smelling of Wood in Csórompuszta 7/28/2014

9 days, cca. 30 cubic metres of wood, over a 100 architects and architect students, and the final result of 14 works of art. This is Hello Wood summed up in numbers, but we were curious about the experiences of spending three days among all this. It seems that this amount of creative energy turned this average spot on the map called Csórompuszta into a fairy-tale garden and an energy field. Hence its hardly surprising that the memory of 1-week camp is preserved as one of the greatest adventures of the life of the participants.

Hello Wood builds a wooden village 4/15/2015

Dozens of architects will arrive to Csórompuszta again in the middle of July to create spectacular installations of wood. A co-founder of Hello Wood, Péter Pozsár talked to us about this year's theme, the idea of villages in Germany, where the creations will be exhibited and why it isn't a problem for the creators when the installations are dismantled.

Hello Wood team returns with spectacular wooden structures 7/23/2016

A few weeks ago we drove to Csopak to visit the creative camp of Hello Wood. Named Balatoni Hekk 2.0 (meaning both hake and hack in Hungarian), the lakeside summer school comprises a handpicked team of Hungarian architecture students and international applicants. Using English as a working language, the Csórompuszta-based camp has a unique selection process: both the team leaders and the members needed to compete for a spot at the prestigious event. Participation at Hello Wood is a coveted price beyond the Hungarian borders; this year builders arrived from a total of 30 countries.

Organic Wine in Wooden Barrels, Jams in Glass Jars - Tamás Winery 9/17/2014

Csopak's vineyards have outstanding natural assets even on the global scale. The Tamás Winery, known for organic farming and its wooden wine barrels, is situated exactly here, adjacent to the Jásdi Wine Terrace - but these are far from being the only peculiarities of the place. This is also home to a really nice family and a kitchen that produces special syrups and chutneys.

This year's Hello Wood will explore the concept of ideal village structure 4/7/2016

In 2016 Hello Wood will return to Csórompuszta on the Balaton Uplands to create a brand new village out of wood. Similarly to previous years, the team will again comprise professional architects – one of the team leaders is renowned for building a ziggurat out of hay in the isolated Russian countryside.

10 woodland walks around Lake Balaton 9/16/2019

If you're looking to escape the crowds, these hiking routes through woods around Lake Balaton offer a peaceful distraction from the buzz of everyday life.

From village cinema to Scandinavian lounge pods – our 5 favourite Hello Wood installations 7/23/2015

The theme of this year’s Hello Wood camp in Csórompuszta was the village – that was the concept international teams had to take as inspiration. Fifteen amazing installations were created in a week, and now we’ve picked out our favourite ones. The creations of this year’s village project have been transported to Vigántpetend, so everyone can go check out the Hello Wood kids during the Valley of Arts.

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