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The Balaton is open

The Balaton in ice

In a matter of a week, Lake Balaton slipped from one extreme to the other: before Christmas, you could shoot sundowns worthy of summer evenings, and now KIng Winter has thrones in almost every Balaton town.

9 Balaton Wineries Open All Year Round

Several Balaton wineries offer you wine tasting adventures all year round: many of them also participate in the autumn sequel of the Nyitott Balaton event series. Here are 9 of those you should visit. Vote for your favourite and you could win a prize from the winning winery!

9 Balaton Hotels Open All Year Round

Similarly to restaurants, not all Balaton hotels close as soon as the first autumn chill arrives. You can find hotels everywhere around the Lake, where the jacuzzi bubbles all year round and the greatest cold does not freezes the 'OPEN' sign off the door. We choose 9 of the hotels that joined the Nyitott Balaton campaign, which also stay open for the winter. But which is the best? Cast your vote!

9 Balaton restaurants open all year round

It’s a fact that possibilities in all regards become fewer at Lake Balaton in autumn and winter. That is why a great place that is open all year is a special gem. We picked out nine exemplary eateries.

We love eating

Even Politicians Drink It - 4 Wineries in Kötcse

In addition to its political big guns, Kötcse also has resident wine powers. Instead of the manor of the former PM of Hungary, we visited 4 wineries in Kötcse that make internationally competitive wine.

An Oriental Harmony of Flavours - Mala Garden, Siófok

Mala Garden in Siófok was opened 7 years ago, in 2007. The design concocted from modern minimalism and Balinese influence is blended with a sense of cosiness, and the same, well-functioning mixture characterizes the dishes as well. There are Hungarian influences injected into the prevailing oriental style - and we even came across a Mexican cheese soup.

Where to eat in the Káli Basin

We have talked a lot about the Káli Basin recently on here, and now here is a round-up of what the area has in store in terms of gastronomy.

Road trip

Hiking boots, maces and gliders - the castles and forts of Lake Balaton

Everyone who set foot on the shores of Lake Balaton built forts: the Celts, Romans, Franks, Hungarians and Turks as well. Then they went on to destroy others' forts. We collected the remaining ones in this article. Early loo architecture, a Celtic tour, wooden towers, sword-fighting and archery from Pécsely to Zalavár.

Balaton Zoo Zoom

Buffaloes wallowing in the water and blood-thirsty crocodiles were only some of the beasts we recently saw by Lake Balaton.

Balatonfüred Keeps Moving Up

For 10 years now, Balatonfüred's historical city centre and promenades have been in the process of renewal, taking small steps along a uniform concept. We explored the pleasantry of being a tourist in Füred.

What to do in Keszthely and Hévíz?

Hévíz, Keszthely, Gyenesdiás and Vonyarcvashegy sit cosily side by side in the northwestern corner of the Balaton. We explored the area in search of things to do around here.

Things To Do In Badacsony

We look around where to start in Badacsony. In order not to miss a thing, we called a local expert to our aid.

Where to stay...

In vino veritas

Premeditated Progress in the Káli Basin - Jenő Istvándy's Winery

An experimenting winery that grows year by year in one of the most beautiful settlements of the Káli Basin, Szentbékkálla. The winery cultivates 5 acres at the moment and produce mostly Chardonnay, Királyleányka and Welschriesling. We tasted each and every type of wine it offers, and discovered the reason why young people travel several hundred kilometres for a wine tasting under the Istvándy aegis.

Villa Sandahl - Swedish Idyll in Hungary

The magnificent view is only on of the outstanding features of Villa Sandahl in Badacsony. Follow us for meeting Swedish owners, professional winemakers, and award-winning white wines!

Through our lenses

Lake Balaton frozen all pretty

The forecast promises serious temperatures below zero, and just before that we'd like to show you how the Balaton looks by the larger towns.

Autumn fun at Lake Balaton by tank and parachute

We looked around on Instagram and Flickr for the traces of autumn Balaton fun and we found photographs of the Lake from every possible, plus a few surprises. We would not have thought that tanks were used as means of transportation in 2014, and that some went dipping in the autumn. #Balatonintheautumn

Beach Life 100 Years Ago

We lunged at the Fortepan archives and it turned out that Siófok had a cool sandy beach already at the the time of World War 1.

Dawn at Balaton Sound - Gallery

Our photographer stayed up all night and took awesome pictures of the dawn after a serious day at MasterCard Balaton Sound. Photos by Zoltán Balogh.

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Balaton browser

Visiting Lake Balaton? Use our all-purpose map - it provides every bit of information you need, and more.

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Lookout tower

Observation tower in Pap-kert

8711 Vörs

Not afraid of hornets? Not bothered by the fact that you can see about as much from here as if you’d sat on the shoulders of a friend? Then do not ...

Top lists

The Top 10 Balaton Wines of 2014

The Hungarian daily, Népszabadság recently revealed its top 100 Hungarian wines of 2014. Here are the 10 best Balaton wines from the list.

Where to eat in the Káli Basin

We have talked a lot about the Káli Basin recently on here, and now here is a round-up of what the area has in store in terms of gastronomy.


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