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School’s out, time to fall into the lake

The Balatonfüred marina is being revamped with considerable tendering funds: apart from the new sailing boat berths and the museum, the catamaran school is the top hit.

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Balaton In My Belly

For the Ice Cream of Balaton, go to Földvár

Summer can start: Balaton has its own ice cream now. The sunflower seed ice cream by the Kárpáti Fagylaltozó triumphed; while last year's winner, Florida Fagyizó prevailed in We Love Balaton's public vote.

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Hitchhiker's Guide

Provence being recreated in Kapolcs

A web designer has decided to take a 180-year-old Kapolcs farmhouse, and create a mini Provence. She’s doing pretty well: the house'll be finished for the Valley of Arts.

No magic robe, great summers

Meditation: lots, anger: none, pouring guitars into concrete: some. At Balatonkeresztúr's Tibetan Culture Centre, we checked out holidaying with a Buddhist monk.

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Balaton in Pictures

No sinking feelings here - New sailing museum in Balatonfüred

Although the interactive sailing history exhibition in Balatonfüred was only in test mode at the time of the press visit, the managers promised everything would be smooth in a few weeks. On one hand, test mode is great, since you get to visit the exhibition free; on the other hand, however, you don't have the opportunity to try the very thing that will make it one of the best exhibitions around Lake Balaton. Here is what we saw.

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Balaton 2.0

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Our top 10 Balaton burgers

Beetroot buns, deer patties and celery chips – here’s where to go to find all of them at Balaton.

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