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Hello Fall!

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Balaton In My Belly

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Hitchhiker's Guide

Provence being recreated in Kapolcs

A web designer has decided to take a 180-year-old Kapolcs farmhouse, and create a mini Provence. She’s doing pretty well: the house'll be finished for the Valley of Arts.

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Balaton in Pictures

Badacsony's very own rainforest – video

We’ve spotted two wonderful drone videos: one of them showcases the rustic Szigliget Castle, while the other one zooms in on Badacsony and its iconic basalt organs.

Iconic Balaton buildings then and now

Over the summer, we’ve explored some old Balaton buildings. We were pretty surprised in general, but what we saw in Balatonszéplak was especially unexpected.

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Balaton 2.0

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Oszter Ház Falusi Vendégbirtok

254 Kékkút, Fő utca 22.

Either we are jumping around the cool places of Balaton, or we are sitting in the office, trying to type down our thoughts. Don't worry, we'll get ...

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