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Getting Into The Swing Of Spring

Balaton in black and white

Most of us only know the Balaton of the ‘20s and ‘30s from books and black-and-white photographs, but it's a period very much worth exploring more thoroughly.

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Balaton 2.0

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Balaton In Pictures

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Balaton In My Belly

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Lookout tower

Tördemic Lookout Spot

8263 Badacsonytördemic, Szent György-hegy

Before you start climbing the rather steep Exiles Stairs leading to the top of Szent György Hill, you should know that the lookout tower is no long...

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10 unique church ruins from the Árpád era

Let us show you 10 veteran churches from the Balaton area that have withstood adversities like the Dark Ages, the Turkish invasion, the Reform era and the two world wars.

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