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Spring Into Spring

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Balaton In My Belly

For the Ice Cream of Balaton, go to Földvár

Summer can start: Balaton has its own ice cream now. The sunflower seed ice cream by the Kárpáti Fagylaltozó triumphed; while last year's winner, Florida Fagyizó prevailed in We Love Balaton's public vote.

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Hello Wood builds a wooden village

We talked to Pozsár Péter, one of the chief coordinators of the creative camp about wood, Csórompuszta, Csopak and villages in Germany and Switzerland.

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Hitchhiker's Guide

No magic robe, great summers

Meditation: lots, anger: none, pouring guitars into concrete: some. At Balatonkeresztúr's Tibetan Culture Centre, we checked out holidaying with a Buddhist monk.

The Lives of Others, Balaton edition

For 20 years, Füred-based writer Gábor Lipták unwittingly played the lead in spy story with literary figures like Örkény, Illyés and László Németh in minor roles.

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Balaton in Pictures

No sinking feelings here - New sailing museum in Balatonfüred

Although the interactive sailing history exhibition in Balatonfüred was only in test mode at the time of the press visit, the managers promised everything would be smooth in a few weeks. On one hand, test mode is great, since you get to visit the exhibition free; on the other hand, however, you don't have the opportunity to try the very thing that will make it one of the best exhibitions around Lake Balaton. Here is what we saw.

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Balaton 2.0

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7477, Patca,

Either we are jumping around the cool places of Balaton, or we are sitting in the office, trying to type down our thoughts. Don't worry, we'll get ...

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The 7 best locations in Balaton Method

From Balatonföldvár's culture centre, through empty roads Káli Basin, to hot air balloons, Balaton Method reveals loads of fun things about the Balaton.

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