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What to do in Keszthely and Hévíz?

Hévíz, Keszthely, Gyenesdiás and Vonyarcvashegy sit cosily side by side in the northwestern corner of the Balaton. We explored the area in search of things to do around here.

Káli-Kapocs - A Stylish Ruin Pub in the Káli-medence

A ruin pub in the most romantic region of Lake Balaton might sound somewhat bizarre - at least until you take a seat on the terrace of Káli-Kapocs, which will prove that the place and the surroundings were made for each other.

We love eating

We Want beer and Pancakes

Those who visit Lake Balaton are looking for a partner and willingly make babies in various towns among which Zamárdi is more popular than Keszthely.

Where to stay...

The faces of Balaton

In vino veritas

Villa Sandahl - Swedish Idyll in Hungary

The magnificent view is only on of the outstanding features of Villa Sandahl in Badacsony. Follow us for meeting Swedish owners, professional winemakers, and award-winning white wines!

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Visiting Lake Balaton? Use our all-purpose map - it provides every bit of information you need, and more.

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Where to eat in the Káli Basin

We have talked a lot about the Káli Basin recently on here, and now here is a round-up of what the area has in store in terms of gastronomy.

The Cream of Lake Balaton - Our Pick of Forbes' Pick

Based on the freshest edition of Forbes, we also made our pick of the best of the Balaton. Feast on our selection of Balaton-based gastro spots where the trendy design is accompanied by trendy and delicious dishes!

Filling an Empty Belly in Siófok

Where to eat in Siófok? Restaurant tips from the main square to the Petőfi sétány, from thai soups to pizzas. Advices by a local on browsing the menus.